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Tempur-Pedic™ Sleep Systems Custom Orthotics Nutritional Supplements

Pain has hidden causes

How you stand, walk, eat and sleep may be affecting your pain-levels in ways you never imagined. Because managing your pain is our first priority, Keng Chiropractic offers a wide variety of products specifically selected to assist in easing your pain and improving your overall quality of life.

Tempur-Pedic Sleep Solutions

Restful sleep is important for maintaining physical and mental health. During sleep, the muscles relax, the heart rate slows, and brain-waves lengthen; giving your body and brain the time it needs to repair itself and prepare for the next new day.

Conventional mattresses rely on springs to cushion your body as you sleep. But when weight and pressure are applied to any spring, simple physics dictate that it will push back. It is this “pushing back” that causes conventional mattresses to contort your body into unnatural positions, restricting blood flow and causing painful pressure points – resulting in tossing and turning, a lack of quality sleep and pain that can follow you all day.
That’s why we offer and recommend Tempur-Pedic Sleep Solutions to all of our patients. Made famous as the mattress developed for NASA, Tempur-Pedic mattresses conform to and support your entire body, cradling you as you sleep. This cradling action does not push back against your body, relieving pressure points conventional mattresses tend to aggravate.

The end result is a healthy, restful night’s sleep. And considering the average person spends over 33% of their life sleeping – we think you should be as comfortable as possible.

Custom Orthotics

Your feet are the foundation of your body, supporting you when you stand, walk, or run. A small problem with any part of your foot can have drastic effects on your entire body. In many cases, pain in various parts of your body may be traced directly to your feet.

Even if your feet don’t hurt, they may be a contributing factor to discomfort and pain in your legs, hip, back, arms, shoulders, and neck.

By capturing and evaluating advanced digital images of your foot and how your weight is distributed, we are quickly able to determine if simple orthopedic corrections will help treat your particular symptoms.

If corrective orthotics are required, these digital images are then shared with our custom orthotics partner. All products are custom made to fit your feet exactly and are designed to correct the specific issues uncovered in your evaluation process.  Every product is designed to support all three arches of the foot, creating a more stable, balanced foundation – bringing you one step closer to reaching your pain-management goals.

Because what is good for your feet is good for your whole body.

Nutritional Supplements

Proper nutrition is one of the cornerstones to maintaining a healthy life. Nutritional imbalances have been cited as a contributing factor to some of life’s most common, and life-threatening, conditions.

The onset of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even some cancers have all been linked in numerous ways to poor diet and nutrition.

At Keng Chiropractic, our doctors receive thorough training in the all areas of dietary science and the lasting effects of nutrition on the human body. Whether your personal goals are weight loss, overall fitness or simply to minimize the risk of developing any one of these potentially life-threatening conditions, our team of specialists will assist you in achieving and maintaining optimal health and superior wellness through proper diet and nutrition.